Hand Soaps & Sanitizers

Is your company ready for the next outbreak? Regardless of whether it’s a respiratory infection, something involving improperly prepared foods, or one of several other potential maladies, there are constant reports of international pandemics that your company can’t afford to ignore.

Even if it’s just the common cold, you don’t want to risk losing time and workplace productivity to sickness. Hand soaps and sanitizers can go a long way toward ensuring that you stay safe. While no product is going to be completely effective at treating every possible microorganism outbreak or viral pathogen, statistics show that hand washing is a vital way to prevent the spread of diseases.

Depending on your industry, it might be a requirement after performing certain activities. If that’s the case, then SIM Supply can help your company get the supplies it needs to remain compliant.

Buying Hand Soap in Bulk

Take a few moments to consider your company’s requirements. The chances are you need to invest in a great deal of hand soap since people often use it either in a kitchen area or perhaps in the bathrooms. Companies that have to maintain public facilities tend to run out of this precious resource all the more quickly.

Think about those who oversee a restroom area that might have multiple sinks. Even if you only had to watch over three washbasins, there’s a good chance that people will empty a dispenser at each every single day. Over a year, that’s hundreds of dispensers’ worth of hand soap you’re going to be going through.

Since that adds up quickly, you’ll want to make sure that you order large numbers of supplies in bulk. Not only will you be able to take advantage of the savings that come with wholesale costs, but you’ll also be able to ensure that you won’t run out and have to suddenly pay high retail prices just to get a bottle at the last minute.

Depending on your company’s particulars and the type of clients you serve, there’s a possibility that having sufficient supplies of hand soap in your local inventory at all times might be necessary to fulfill a specific legal requirement as well.

While you’re at it, you might want to consider buying stocks of hand sanitizer in bulk as well to save money and be sure that you have plenty for every single member of your staff.

Wholesale Hand Sanitizers

While it might not be as vital to your business operations as actual hand soap is, hand sanitizer is great for whenever you can’t get immediately to a sink and wash your hands. If you need to get cleaned up on the spot, then you can simply pump a little bit into your hand on the go. It’s convenient, even for those who might not have time to stop. Best of all, they now come in a wide variety of colors and scents, so you don’t have to worry about your hands smelling like cleaning chemicals.

Once you’ve decided on what kinds of hand cleaning products you need, make sure to contact us online and let us know more about your company’s cleanliness needs. We’ll be sure to help.