Traffic Safety

To ensure traffic safety, you must be equipped with the following supplies. At SIM Supply, we provide you with a wide range of tools and instruments and cater to a large selection of industries such as Transporation, Construction, Education, Mining, Agriculture, and more!

Traffic safety equipment is essential to conduct drivers and pedestrians with caution. Usually, traffic equipment has bright colors, such as neon orange or yellow, to catch the attention of civilians. On our site, you will be able to find everything you need to manage traffic safely. Discover our traffic safety equipment below.

Traffic Control Safety Supply

Red Stop Sign

This red stop sign paddle comes in handy for directing traffic. This sign is convenient if you work in a school to ensure cars stop so kids can safely cross onto the sidewalk. The paddle has a poly grip handle making it ergonomic and comfortable for whoever holds it.

Workers Ahead Orange Cone Sign

Place this sign on an orange cone to inform individuals of workers ahead. It will provide drivers with a little information as to why there is slow traffic and instruct them to drive with caution.

Traffic Barrel

This orange traffic barrel can be placed around parked cement mixer trucks if you work in a construction site. This placement is helpful for drivers to identify that there is a blocked area on the street. You may also place traffic barrels to draw attention to pedestrians of a potential hazard ahead so that they proceed with caution.

Orange Delineator Post

This orange delineator works just like a traffic cone. You may arrange a multitude in rows to redirect traffic away from hazardous zones, such as accidents, construction sites, or workers ahead. You may even place them on a parking lot to reserve a spot. You can also set these delineator posts between speed bumps to warn drivers of the upcoming bump in the road for them to slow down ahead of time.

Safety Vests

This neon orange vest will keep the person safe when conducting traffic. Spectators will be able to identify them quickly due to the striking color of this striped vest. The two stripes that go along vertically down the chest have reflectors so that the traffic conductor is easily seen at night.

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